Monday, March 30, 2009

Castor chrononautis or: How I Learned to Stop Saving and Love the Impulse Buy

Q: What do you do when you walk into a used book store and come across something like this?

A: Shell out the $2.98 without even thinking, the idiot's grin spreading slowly across your face, in nerd-shock that you've actually found a book called...ahem...Time Beavers.

As if you needed more convincing of the value of this impulse buy, here's the back cover summary:

"An epic historical adventure that takes the reader on an historical odyssey from 17th century France to the Lincoln presidency, from the final days of the Third Reich to the Great Dam of Time where the eternal Time Beavers battle to protect the very essence of reality!"

What a steal, kids. What. A. Steal.

To you readers of these rambles, my apologies for being gone so long. I'll be back, with more musings, in the not-too-distant.