Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Little Things--Old Man Sundays #1

You'd think "Old Man Sundays" would mostly be a jumble of grumbles; at least, that's what the title would imply.

However, the title refers to a propensity, however infrequent, to enjoy a few small pleasures on a Sunday morning that make me feel like an old man. Going out to breakfast by myself, reading a copy of Illustration Magazine while I eat, followed by a bit of pool. This is the program.

So while there are numerous things I could (and want to) gripe about, I'm not going to do that least not today. Instead, in no particular order, here's a brief list of the small pleasures in which I've recently indulged, or to which I always look forward.
  • an unbroken Butterfinger from a vending machine
  • fine book design (cover art, trade dress, the works)
  • discovering a bourbon that reminds me of scotch (Black Maple Hill)
  • discovering a rye that reminds me of all that's good in this world (Templeton)
  • merely knowing there's a film out there that's titled Man on the Spying Trapeze
  • Tina Fey making a reference to Tron
  • almost everything Christina Hendricks says here (particularly her 6th point, which seems like a rare quality)
  • sliding my fingers over well kept felt on a pool table, and likewise the feel of the Irish linen on my cues
  • my E.T. ad about drinking and driving, shown here.
  • the tactility of reading the Griffin & Sabine books
  • a sketch that an artist draws inside your hardcover comic, precisely because you bought the hardcover
  • tennis at sundown
  • using a wooden bat at a batting cage when everyone else is using aluminum bats
  • mail-order ribs (from Memphis, specifically)
  • that moment during a run when you tell your burgeoning shin splits to go fuck themselves
  • lip balm that tastes like Dr Pepper
  • this article
  • reading any Golden Age comic before I go to sleep
  • a superhero who, clearly without any logic or motivation, uses a gatling gun instead of his magical powers
  • having a theater to myself (and taking a call during the movie if I want to; it's plain sinful)
  • ekranoplans
  • watching the entire run of Homicide: Life on the Street in two months
  • listening to every Miles Davis Columbia album chronologically
  • great screenwriting
  • feedback on this blog

It's the little things in life, after all.

And thus I have completed 7 straight days of posting, which for someone who hasn't posted in as many months, feels like a something of a minor feat. I doubt I'll be posting daily this week, but definitely expect new posts for "Monday Movies," "Wednesday Comics," "Friday Night Heists," and "Saturday Swigs."

I hope you've liked what you've read here this week. If there's something I can improve or change--however large or small--tell me. And if you expected a grumpier "Old Man Sundays," well...all I can say is to check back tomorrow for my first installment of "Monday Movies."

And with that, I bid you all a good evening.


Lou said...

Jake! <--- look, see how excited I am??

I love the nightly blog postings. Well, except that I woke up with that "Thank God It's Friday" song in my head this morning. Other than that, it's been a real pleasure.

By the way, do you watch House these days? Did you see the shout-out that was magnified in the back ground last night? Too awesome for words.

Jet Ski Ham said...

Glad you're diggin' the posts, Lou. I am, of course, still watching House (preparing myself for how I'll be as a person in around 10-15 years).

The shout-out was great. It's only fair; Colbert's got a photo of House in the studio. Seems like it's about time.